Dental Jewellery

What is Dental Jewellery?

If you haven’t noticed, it’s all about the ‘bling’ nowadays, and our teeth have joined the party! Tooth jewelry is a form of cosmetic enhancement where sparkly embellishments are positioned on your teeth to give your smile a distinctive expression. Cosmetic dental and body art treatments like these are used to grab attention and make a strong fashion statement.

This trend has captured imaginations everywhere, which is why special procedures have been designed to ensure they do not negatively impact your oral health. At SACHIN DENTAL CLINIC, our experienced dentists provide services that cater this fashion trend in a safe and effective manner, allowing you to flaunt a twinkling smile in style!

What Gives Tooth Jewelry that Distinctive Sparkle?

The tooth crystals we provide are made with genuine Swarovski crystals which have a flat-back surface and are completely stain-resistant. Swarovski is a brand that is renowned across the world for producing the finest quality and precision-cut crystals, in various shapes, sizes and colors. The crystals manufactured by them are polished keeping in mind the highest standards of quality, making them sparkle like diamonds.

How Long Does the Tooth Jewelry Last?

Tooth jewels are applied as per the guidelines set by our team of professionals. They use natural tools to place these jewels, which can be easily removed from time to time if required, and usually last for about a year before they need to be replaced.

Will It Prove to Be Harmful?

No, a tooth jewel is not at all unhealthy or harmful, if correctly and hygienically applied. Our expert dentists make use of the best tools available today, placing the jewels with care and precision, so that you don’t experience any pain or discomfort even after the procedure. These small glass crystals can also be removed easily, whenever you’d like.

Procedure Instructions

  • First, your tooth is properly cleaned using a fluoride-free paste meant for polishing.
  • The tooth is then isolated and dried out properly before placing the jewel.

At SACHIN DENTAL CLINIC, we would be happy to help you with all your cosmetic dental procedures including the placement of tooth jewels that add a unique sparkle to your teeth.