I just don't know when doctor remove unwanted teeth its was just a fantastic work done by Dr. Sachin Malli, I would like to suggest my friend for visit.

Jigar Joshi

It is really very effective. Lady doctor is very friendly so that I am very comfortable during cleaning of my teeth. Dr. Sachin Malli is also very friendly.

Manjitkumar Yadav

Dr. Sachin is friendliness, lot of expiryance, good explanation, satisfaction treatment.

A Patient

Heartily thank you Dr. Sachin Malli sir and all staff members of sachin dantel clinic. Them work is good.

Ashok dodiya

Dr. Sachin Malli's behavior to pesent very good. His treatment fully satisfied and hospital's environment is very good.

Shobhna Nariya

The first thing about clinic is so clean and beautiful also a good polite staff and great services. Experience was awesome.

A Patient

Dr. Sachin Malli guided me properly about my problem and now I feel relax from my dental pain. The appointment fee is also reasonable and the no waiting for the turn to meet the doctor.

Bhavesh Madlani

I am satisfied his treatment. Dr. Sachin Malli is frendly and smiley face. My treatment finished few min. Thanks Dr. Sachin Malli and all staff.

Sayna Nathani

I appreciate doctors friendliness, nicely explained about treatment, He done very good work, clinic is very clean, I am very satisfied and in future if I need any treatment I will go to him and also will recomand my family and friends to go to his clinic for treatment.

Nramada odedra

I have too many doubts about wisdom teeth extraction. But Dr. Sachin explained it nicely and I don’t have any problem. Even I got healing within three days of extraction. Such a nice experience and I strongly recommended to people for any type of dental problem.

Manisha K Goswami

Doctor is very friendly I like it and treatments are not costly, I am satisfied with the treatment thanks Dr. Sachin Malli and team.

Smita Solanki

When doctor start diverting the attention from pain to somthing funny or truth by his friendly nature.

Kruti Pujara
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