Wisdom Teeth Surgery

What is Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth generally erupt into the mouth by the age of 18 years and may even extend upto 22 years or even later. They may erupt into the oral cavity depending on the space available or may remain in the bone unerupted. Their eruption into the oral cavity depends on many factors like the space available, the position of the tooth, early shedding of the other teeth.

The gum overlying the tooth may get infected causing severe pain and discomfort radiating to the jaws, ear, temple region. The wisdom teeth, if they erupt in an abnormal position cause changes in the temporomandibular joint leading to problems over a period of time and also can damage to the adjacent teeth. The abnormal position of the teeth may cause difficulty in brushing and maintaining good hygiene of the teeth.

Here in SACHIN DENTAL CLINIC, the whole procedure is done in a highly sterilized environment. Prior to the removal, an X-Ray evaluation and the possible complications are discussed with the patient.